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Building The Bot-First Accounting Practice

We are the UK’s leading provider of digital workers for accounting, to reduce operating cost, maximise profit, and retain top talent, freeing staff from the manual, mundane, and repetitive, whilst ensuring the highest levels of compliance, accuracy and service.

The Bot-First Accounting Practice can be defined in 100 words:

Seek out tasks that you perform regularly or repetitively, whether daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually, Combine the automation of these tasks with eliminating, standardising and simplifying your work, Design any new tasks and work to be performed, with a bots-first mindset, Use your freed up time wisely to train your mind, acquire new knowledge and practice new skills, Find new ways to add value by delighting your clients, improving practice productivity and profitability, Pay it forward by exploring new ways to make small, continuous improvements every day, And advise your clients how best to build their own bots-first business.

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Our highlights from The Digital Accountancy Show 2024

The Beanieverse (portal available soon)

The Beanieverse - Available May 13th!

It’s almost here!

Your gateway to access your Bots, allowing you to increase profit, reduce cost and retain top talent within your firm


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