Our Bots take on your manual, boring tasks – so you don’t have to.


Our Bots do the vital, manual, but boring tasks

So your people don’t have to!

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Work smarter, not harder

Betting & Gaming operations can be full of manual, repetitive, mundane work that relies on people to manage.

Bots can ensure this essential work gets done, just much faster, more accurately and at a lower cost, no matter where people are located.

And mistakes are often easily made, which threatens your compliance, frustrates your customers and is costly to fix.

The answer is GamBots!

The right Bots will save you time, money and hassle – boosting productivity, compliance and profitability of your Betting & Gaming operations.


Bots work 24 / 7 / 365!


100's times faster on any task, and lower cost

Free People

Just one Bot can do as much work as 10 people


No mistakes or errors, just 100% accuracy

Can I automate this?

The answer is almost always ‘yes’. Any task a person does manually on a computer or app can usually be done by a Bot… just better, faster and cheaper. If you can free up your people to focus on bigger, better things, why wouldn’t you?

Our GamBots have automated thousands of activities, saving millions of hours of time for some of the biggest brands in the business.

You can eliminate slow, manual work across customer services, account verification, AML, fraud and payments and many more, resulting in a lower cost to serve, a greatly improved customer experience, vastly superior compliance and a leaner more productive workforce.


We Build, You Benefit

Buying automation software will only get you so far. We’ll find the quickest route to solve your pains and provide the best Bots for your Betting & Gaming operation needs.

We have a library of ready-made, customisable GamBots, and will  design Bespoke Bots for your needs. Either way, we build and run everything for you – no DIY required.

Our ready-made GamBots work with the most common:

like OpenBet and Playtech - you name the system, we've got a GamBot for it
like removing duplicates, account exclusion - GamBots can do it all
like verifications and customer service - GamBots are great multi-taskers

What Our Clients Have to Say

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