As April is Stress Awareness Month, we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the concept of Bots for Stress.

In 2020/21, stress and related mental health struggles accounted for a huge 50% of all work-related sicknesses, with professional occupations holding the top spot for the highest-on-average rate of stress. Acute stress is a serious mental health condition that needs appropriate care. But when it comes to the day-to-day stressors in our lives, there’s a lot that a Bot can take off your plate. When we say that we’ve got Bots for That, we really do mean everything. 

Whilst therapy Bots may be a way off in the future in AI land, we already have a whole army of stress-busting Bots at our fingertips ready to tackle the tasks that bog you down and free up your headspace for more important things.

So, without further ago, here are Four Bots For Helping To Destress Your Life.



Let’s start with that pesky inbox, the foe of all professionals. Picture the scenario: you return from a much-needed and well-deserved week off work. You settle down at your desk at 9am on Monday morning with a nice cup of coffee and open up your inbox, only to be greeted by over 250 emails. We’ve all been there, right? There goes your morning as you try to sift through the stack, all thoughts of the beach rapidly fading into a distant memory.

The Bot For Inboxes can automatically manage your woes, removing and blocking spam, highlighting important emails, and generally keeping everything clean and tidy to ensure you return to a well-managed inbox. Just as it should be.



Next up is the dreaded calendar. Everyone wants your time and is keen to book a slot in your precious seven hours of office time. Before you know it, you’ve got meetings upon meetings, back-to-back, with no time left to do the work that comes out of them. It’s a real headache.

The Bot For Calendars helps to manage booking conflicts, automatically assigns prioritisation, responds to invitations to suggest alternatives, and generally makes sure you’re in control of your time. Think of it as your automated, Bot-shaped PA. 



Everybody hates life admin. That’s just a fact. Luckily, it’s just the sort of task a Bot loves to do.

How many times have you returned home late from work with an empty stomach, only to find an equally empty fridge? Planning and buying a week’s worth of meals is a chore, but eating well and nourishing your body is essential to keeping stress down. A Bot For Food could automatically order your weekly groceries or quickly re-order your favourite takeaway treats to fix your cravings and feed your soul. Sync it up with your favourite meal delivery services and recipes and you’re set.

With everyone heading back to the gym, booking your favourite class can be a nightmare, but a Bot For Fitness could ensure you always get your spot and your perfect fix. It could even talk to your Bots For Calendars and find the best time for your increasingly busy schedule.


Three non-Bot-related stress-busters

In times of stress, it can be helpful to have a mental list of several things you can do to bring back a sense of calm. It’s always better to be proactive rather than reactive, so we recommend making these a regular habit. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Listening to a favourite piece of music – bonus points for dancing or singing along.
  • Breathing exercises – there are numerous apps and videos out there which can lead you through calming breathing exercises. These help to regulate your nervous system in times of stress and bring a sense of calmness.
  • Going outdoors – it’s an age-old piece of advice for a reason. A spot of fresh air is rejuvenating and clears the mind. Even better if you can do this out in nature. 

Talk to us to see how a Bot could help you get organised, redefine work, and remove unnecessary daily stress.