Build Your Bot

We offer two kinds of Bots – Recipe Bots and Bespoke Bots.

Our ready-made Bot Recipes cover the most common manual jobs and systems. Everyone can find something to save them time here.

A Bespoke Bot is for those more complex or niche tasks, which we design and build to order. No task is too simple or complex and no system is unsuitable, but if our Bots can’t do it, we’ll tell you and won’t waste your time. We’ll always find a way!

You can choose from three price plans, all of which include designing, building, hosting & supporting your Bots.

Bots For That Recipes

Our most popular Bots

Accounting Bot

Accounting Bot

a range of BotKeeper recipes for Xero & other systems

HR Bot

HR Bot

helps with onboarding and offboarding staff

Duplicates Bot

Duplicates Bot

spots & deals with duplicate data headaches

Gambling Bots

Gambling Bot

a range of recipes to manage compliance, KYC, AML, & more
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FreshDesk Bot

FreshDesk Bot

manages customer service interactions

Verify Bot

Verify Bot

for essential customer onboarding processes

Payroll Bot

Payroll Bot

for any payroll systems, controls & tasks

Bots For That Bespoke

How it works: Bringing Your Bots to Life

It’s pretty simple, really: you choose your Bot Recipes, we customise them to your needs, then build and run them for you.


Show us your manual tasks so we can define what you need and browse our Bot Recipes to see what's ready

Putting it all together

Once your priorities are clear, we map out your Bot pipeline, and together prepare your ideal Bots

Making it happen

We build & test your Bots are ready to work, leaving your productivity & creativity to soar

Keeping it on track

Pat yourself on the back, make the most of that extra time you’ve saved, we’ll support them from here

Why & Where We're Different


We've hit the sweet spot between enterprise & DIY, with the most powerful & intelligent Bots available


Bots-as-a-Service Recipes for common tasks, and Bespoke Bots for any purpose, fully managed


No set-up fees, pay for what you use with simple, scalable, monthly plans, moving up or down as needed


We make Bots straightforward with no complex integration, you’ll find our Bots ready to go and simple to use

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