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Automation Learning Centre – Making Work Less Work, One Task at a Time!

Can you automate your boring, manual, repetitive, every day tasks and free your time for more important things at work?

YES, you can … This Learning Centre is intended to help you not only answer this question, but then the other questions you’ll have that follow this, such as WHAT can you automate, HOW can you automate, HOW long does it take, HOW much does it cost, WHERE do I start, WHAT tools can I use, WHERE do I learn, etc, etc. And if there’s a question that our Learning Centre doesn’t answer, please let us know and we’ll do our best to help you.

  • Too many ‘must do’ manual, repetitive on-screen tasks – they’re boring, eat up valuable time and make the business inefficient

  • Mistakes are easily made – can lead to customer complaints or compliance issues, and are often costly to fix

  • Keeping good staff – people increasingly want more flexibility, variety and fulfillment from their work

  • How to improve productivity and growth without increasing costs or hiring more people

  • Having a business agile enough to survive in these uncertain times

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