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What will be your Future of Work?

Even before the pandemic, businesses globally were suffering a productivity gap and struggling to develop the resilience and agility to thrive. Post-pandemic expectations have made this harder still, with growing demands from greater value creation, an ever changing workforce, and the need for transparent compliance and accountability across most sectors.

Modern technology doesn’t always improve our situation, and although generic applications are easier to use, the emphasis remains on manual work for people, creating a growing work debt full of compromise and manual workarounds.

Our Community is dedicated to helping people and business to prioritise their long-term success over short-term gain and is focused on helping you to  achieve your goals. As long as you have work to do, Bots For That will continue to evolve our combination of features and benefits to ensure your Future of Work is the best possible, for people, profit and planet.

Our Community gives regular insights into on how and where the future of our work is heading, including priority access to webinars, debates, interviews, videos and updates into how businesses everywhere are forever changing the working landscape.

We examine the Future of Work impacting different sectors, functions, technologies, processes, and tasks and how to revolutionise how work can be done with them, using disruptive technologies, like our game-changing Bots.

We’ll show you how your business can tackle notorious manual problem tasks and how a simple Bot recipe could help solve it for you.

We’ll include free demos of new Bots so you can see how this could work for you, plus you can see what’s coming next from our Bots roadmap. No selling, no pressure, just a place to develop your Future of Work knowledge.

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