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Frequently Asked Questions

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Pretty much everyone works on a computer at some point…And nearly everyone has at least one manual, boring task which they must do…

And everyone would most often prefer to work smarter instead of harder and spend as little time as possible on those manual, boring tasks…!

Manual, boring, repetitive work is the arch-enemy – it’s totally unfair, the work must be done, but it’s tedious, repetitive and labour intense, it consumes your time and effort, gives nothing back and keeps you from doing what you really love. Work should be better, more fun, less boring, more rewarding.

You just want to succeed in your job, make a difference, be valued, respected, and finish work on time once in a while!

And that’s what “BOTS FOR THAT” is for. It’s a simple way to build your very own Bot to do those manual, boring tasks for you, but quicker and with no errors. And the best part, is it’s all built and run for you – no do-it-yourself required.

We’re always creating ready-made Bot Ingredients and Recipes to work with the most common APPLICATIONS (e.g. Xero, HubSpot, LinkedIn) TASKS (e.g. spreadsheet work), INDUSTRIES (e.g. Gambling, Accounting Practice) and PROCESSES (e.g. Customer Verification).

You only have to sign-up to create an account and then…

  1. pick your Bot Recipes
  2. tell us anything specific you want the Bot to do
  3. provide a short video recording of your manual task
  4. give us access to the various applications involved and some data to test with
  5. we’ll build and test your Bot for you, complete the set-up and run it for you whenever and wherever you want as often as you want

If there’s an application or task that we don’t have a Bot Recipe for, don’t worry, we’ll build it for you, as quickly and simply as humanly possible.

  1. Bots perform your manual, boring tasks, so you don’t have to
  2. No set-up or software licensing costs – just simple monthly service plans and pay for what you use
  3. Simple, safe and secure solutions, delivered where and when you need them
  4. No task too simple or complex, no system unsuitable, but if our Bots can’t do it, we’ll tell you and won’t waste your time
  5. No time wasting trying to convince you to buy something you don’t need
  6. No system integrations necessary

This allows you to make work, less work, leaving you with the┬ájob you’ve always wanted, literally expanding time itself, to get more done and to unleash your true potential at work.

We don’t think so and nor do our customers, but everything is relative to your situation. With no set-up costs and clear, simple, scalable plans to suit your needs, there’s something to suit everyones budget and goals – it’s really all about how valuable your time is to you and your business!

Your competitors are probably already using Bots to make work less work, the question is, are you?

Is your workforce agile enough to survive in this uncertainty-filled future?

Are you investing in your most valuable resources or providing them reasons to look for jobs elsewhere?

Generally speaking, any task that a person does manually on a computer system or application is suitable for our Bots.

As a priority, you should look for tasks that are:

  • Manual and repetitive
  • Use predictable digital data
  • Rules or logic-based

Examples include accessing and logging in to applications, accessing and updating folders and files, running macros, executing APIs, extracting, downloading or uploading content/data, sending emails, performing calculations.

A customised Bot using one of our Bot Recipes can take anything from a few hours to a few days from start to finish.

A bespoke Bot depends on the scope and complexity of your tasks, but on average 2-3 weeks – it really just depends how quickly we can define your exact needs together and get access to your systems.