Meet You Gambling VIP Customer Robot


The UK Gambling Commission recently published their latest industry guidance on the protection of High Value Customers (HVCs) and operation of VIP programmes. This may present challenges for many to fully implement procedures and practices quickly or effectively, however, there is a solution! Robotic Process Automation (or RPA for short) can significantly automate many player protection control tasks. These process automation “VIP Robots” can identify and process player information in record speed, across multiple different systems at once. And the solution can be deployed rapidly without the need for lengthy or complex integration with existing systems.

In this post, we’ll explain why a VIP Robot is a good idea, explain what checks a VIP Robot could perform, and how to get started with RPA.

What is a VIP Robot and What Can it Do?

In a nutshell, Robotic Process Automation or RPA is really just software (workflow and code) that combines in order to emulate human interactions with systems. To find out more, our website has a more detailed explanation here.

A “VIP Robot” is a hard-working, digital agent, dedicated to performing the HVC/VIP activities and tasks that are specifically assigned to it, 24/7/365. It does exactly as it’s told, based on your business rules and logic, without question or exception, producing a full trail of audit logs and in full collaboration with your staff for decision-making or exception handling.

How to Utilise a VIP Robot

The Gambling Commission expects operators to take all reasonable steps to protect players and comply with their guidance, but what does that really mean? Their guidance highlights several important areas of focus, so here’s how a VIP Robot can help:

    • VIP Robot can access, check and cross-validate data in multiple systems, for example to identify possible undeclared duplicate accounts, which ensures the operator is “taking all reasonable steps to verify the information provided to them”
    • VIP Robot can then perform this task and others constantly and consistently on an ongoing basis
    • VIP Robot can present the outcomes and outputs of its work for staff to review and make decisions, which frees them up from data analysis and affords them time to interact human-to-human with HVCs directly
    • VIP Robot can work 24/7/365, ensuring actions are executed immediately, providing protection for the HVC players and the operator
    • VIP Robot logs all of its actions and interactions with the systems and people for a full audit history which provides the required documented evidence of the procedures followed, per the guidance
    • Where risks are identified, VIP Robot can immediately suspend accounts or un-suspend based on the rules and parameters the business defines, for example once a player account has been approved
    • VIP Robot works diligently and quietly in the background looking for patterns and signs of risk based on logic or other parameters, raising a flag for investigation or follow up
    • VIP Robot works at incredible speed (90% faster) with vast amounts of data, consistently and accurately


If you’d like to find out more about how VIP Robot could assist your gambling operations and HVC protection processes, contact us ( or check out our use cases on Customer Verifications or our Robotic Duplicate Account checker on our website.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and finding out how we can help you. Also, for your information, you can find UKGC guidance on this important industry directive at this link.