Content Overload

Our digital world has led to content overload, but not just for marketers, also for business founders having to promote themselves, and it’s left many wondering “How to Automate Digital Marketing Content Posting”.

Websites, Blogs, Podcasts, YouTube Videos…Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn posts…and often many more! There are so many different channels, formats, and styles, there must be a way to at least automate the one basic element of all this – the publishing and posting?

Automation Options

There are several platforms and providers that offer tools to automate digital content posting, but those can come with a hefty price tag. Then there are the “do-it-yourself” build your own automated flows tools, but those can be tricky to use and sometimes too limited. So, what other options are available to automate your digital marketing content posts?

Publishing and posting on so many different channels with different types, shapes and sizes of media can take up a lot of your time, especially if you need to do it daily (and you do!). It’s a full-time job, but an incredibly important one to engage successfully with your audience, and you might not be able to afford a full or even part-time person for this either.

From several tools I’ve tried and tested to help alleviate this manual work, I’ve never found just one that does everything I need, across all channels, and for the right price!

What’s needed is something that uses the best parts of all the tools or platforms you already use but eliminates all the manual repetitive aspects of getting it done, so we can focus on producing the content and engagement.

Outside The Box Thinking?

So, I explained the issue and what I needed to the folks here at ‘Bots For That’, and set them the challenge to resolve it. What they came up with was…The CONTENT PUBLISH BOT! I also stipulated that the Bot had to use whatever content was produced in one single format and create different versions most suitable to the relevant channel it was being posted on…and I said it had to be ready to use by the following Monday morning (I set this challenge at 9.30 on Tuesday, so they had a little less than 4 days).

The Bots creation team had many questions, which I was able to answer to their satisfaction (in the end) and off they set about their task, and off I went full of excited anticipation. On Thursday, they sat me down for some testing, and surprisingly only a few tweaks were required (must have been down to my excellent explanation!).

On Friday, we ran a final test, and I have to say I was delighted with the outcome.

What a Result!

You’re now reading this blog as the result of these endeavours, i.e., the CONTENT PUBLISH BOT, which published not only the words you’re now reading, but everything else too, just as I wanted. In total, 2 personal LinkedIn profile posts and one to the company page, posts to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and a video uploaded to our YouTube channel, in addition to this blog. The result is the Bot is saving me up to an hour each day in total, which is how long all this posting activity was taking me, plus it’s very easy for me to change the process if I need to.

Comparing this to the alternatives, on the ease of use, benefits, time, and cost involved, our Bot wins hands-down for me. I’m starting to think of many other tasks that the CONTENT PUBLISH BOT might also manage for me, there’s really nothing but my imagination holding me back now…”Boticise Once, Enjoy Forever”!

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