Investing in the Bots For That Journey?

Why Invest?

BOTS FOR THAT solves a big but very common problem for companies today, by making work better for people, profit, and planet by automating work, through our hosted, fully managed Bots-as-a-Service.

As an investor, you’ll likely know already that businesses have to manoeuvre all manner of risks and obstacles every day, whilst trying to be efficient and controlled and deliver the best products or services, but a major challenge for business is productivity.

Our daily work is full of ‘must do’ manual, repetitive tasks that are boring, time-consuming, and make business inefficient or less productive.

Employees are demanding more flexibility and variety from their employers and their systems & processes are designed around manual use, creating a work debt and “App Gaps”, which drive even more manual work, especially where legacy technologies and process complexity exists.

Enterprise process automation or RPA is one very powerful solution, but it can also be time-consuming and too expensive for many businesses or use cases and although low-code, do-it-yourself desktop automation tools are more affordable, they’re very limited and not that effective.

What businesses need, is a simple, affordable yet powerful automation solution to eliminate manual work easily. And this is what Bots For That does.

Our customer base spans multiple different verticals, horizontals, and professions, from 50 employees to 50,000 in size, and our Bots are popular across the C-Suite, from COO to CFO.

Our vision is to provide a Bot to support every employee, liberating workforces, one task at a time, so they’re free to focus on the bigger, better things. We solve productivity issues through our growing library of customisable and resellable “Bot Recipes”, which customers choose and customise – a Bot Factory if you like, where we own the IP for them all.

We have simple, clear, monthly plans, and customers pay only for what they use. And our service includes everything, the process discovery and design, building and testing bots, then deploying, hosting, and supporting them – a true one-stop-shop, with no upfront expenditure for software, hardware or from hiring, training, and retaining hard-to-come-by skilled resources. A game-changer in business automation terms.

We’ve driven significant impact for our customers increasing revenue, reducing costs and supercharging processes.

An investment in Bots For That is an investment in the Future of Work.

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