Investing in the Bots For That journey

We’re on a mission to redefine the future of work – making work better for people, profit and planet.

That’s a pretty ambitious goal, so we’re looking for help from equally ambitious and forward-thinking investors to get there.

Our Bots are an exciting, fast-moving and rewarding space to be in.

Here’s your chance to get amongst it by supporting in becoming the industry leaders in Bots-as-a-Service.

Why invest in us?

Quite simply, every workplace needs Bots

As an investor, you’ll know that businesses have to navigate all sorts of risks and obstacles every day, while trying to be efficient and controlled and deliver the best products or services. But a major challenge for any business is productivity.

At Bots For That, we’re here to solve a big, but very common, problem for most companies today. A large proportion of work is made up of boring, repetitive and labour-intensive manual tasks. We’re liberating the workforce, one task at a time, by automating work through our hosted, fully-managed and affordable Bots-as-a-Service.


We’re here for a good reason

These are some of the modern work challenges that automation can help solve:

  • Too many ‘must do’ manual, repetitive on-screen tasks that are mundane, time-consuming and make businesses inefficient and less productive

  • Mistakes are easily made – can lead to customer complaints or compliance issues, and are often costly to fix

  • Keeping good staff – people increasingly want more flexibility, variety and fulfilment from their work

  • How to improve productivity and growth without increasing costs or hiring more people

  • Having a business agile enough to survive in these uncertain times and scale up sustainably

It’s the Future of Work

Work systems and processes are designed for manual use, creating a work debt and what we call ‘app gaps’. This problem drives more manual work, especially where legacy technologies and process complexity exists.

We know that automation can streamline things, but it’s the how that we’re revolutionising.


Traditional solutions, like ‘Enterprise Process Automation’ or ‘Robotic Process Automation’ are powerful but also time-consuming, expensive and only really suited to large companies

DIY desktop automation tools are more affordable, but very limited and not that effective

Where’s the middle ground? What most businesses need is a simple to use, yet powerful and affordable automation service that eliminates manual work tasks. That’s the sweet spot we’re working in at Bots for That, and it’s already in high demand.

Breadth of Appeal

Our customer base spans multiple different verticals, horizontals and professions, from 50 employees to 50,000 in size. Our Bots are popular across the C-Suite, from COO to CFO – executives, directors, heads of departments and chairpeople. We work with leaders of forward-thinking businesses in any sector or industry. All can benefit from one or more of our Bots in one way or another.

Scalable Solutions

We have a vision to provide a Bot to support every employee, leaving them free to focus on the bigger, better things in the job. We’re solving productivity issues for hundreds of workers in a wide range of roles and industries through our growing library of customisable and resellable ‘Bot Recipes’.

Think of us as a large Bot Factory, where customers can choose and customise what they need from the production line – and we own the intellectual property for each and every one.

A simple and user-friendly experience

We have simple, clear, monthly plans, where customers only pay for what they use. And our service includes everything – the process discovery and design, building and testing Bots, then deploying, hosting and supporting them. It’s a true one-stop-shop, with no upfront expenditure for software, hardware or from hiring, training and retaining hard-to-come-by skilled resources. A game-changer in business automation terms.

Bots are sustainable

The average carbon footprint per person in the UK per year is 12.7 tonnes CO2e. A Bot can work 24/7, 365 days a year, and at least 90% faster than a person, so can produce roughly the same work output of the equivalent of four people. That translates to a saving of 50.8 tonnes CO2e… which makes Bots pretty green. (Source: EDGAR)

Proven Results

We’ve driven significant impact for our customers – increasing revenue, reducing costs and supercharging processes. Our customers are happy to share how we’ve helped them transform the way they work. See some of their stories here [link to client testimonials]

An investment in Bots for That is an investment in the future of work.