Sustainability at Bots For That

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Every demo is a contribution toward our sustainability goal!

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What are the Bots For That Sustainability Goals?

  • Plant a tree or support a project for every subscriber sign-up

  • Help change the lives of 1000 people through community projects

  • Plant 1000 trees

  • Prevent or Avoid 250k tonnes of CO2e

Have a look at our sustainable Development Goals Report 2023-24

What are the benefits of Bots for Sustainability?

  1. Reducing Paper Use: When combined with digitisation, Bots can automate many manual processes that typically involve printing and handling paper. By reducing the need for paper and automatically handling digital data, Bots can therefore help companies become more environmentally friendly.
  2. Increased Efficiency: Bots can increase efficiency and productivity by reducing the time and human resource required to complete tasks. This in itself can lead to less energy consumption, as well as a reduction in the number of resources required to perform tasks.
  3. Digital Transformation: Bots could help companies transition to a more digital and sustainable operating model, by making more effective use of cloud computing, which can reduce energy consumption, and increase the adoption of more sustainable business practices.

Estimating Bot Sustainability Benefit

Despite the challenges and subjectivity of measuring sustainability benefits, there are a number of reasonable assumptions that can be relied upon, or at least tested in practice and incorporated into your sustainability framework:

  • Bots can reduce or eliminate the need to replace or optimise existing systems and applications
  • Bots don’t need a physical office space or even a home office space
  • Bots don’t need to travel to or from work and are built and run remotely
  • Bots can perform tasks much faster than people and without silly errors or mistakes
  • Bots consume less digital energy than people do in performing their tasks, as they can work faster, on less energy intensive devices, in closer proximity to the data they use and don’t store or archive that data