What do you get when you cross Bots and Sustainability?


What do you get when you cross bots and sustainability? Sustainabotility, of course!

But we get much more than just another new word added to the dictionary. We get truly scalable, automated solutions to support the sustainability strategy for your business.

I’ve written before about the benefits of using bots, and that by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, bots can help your business become more environmentally and digitally sustainable. (you can read that article here).

But at Bots For That, we’ve gone one step further to continuously improve sustainability for both us and our client’s and partner’s. We’ve chosen Ecologi Zero as our main sustainability partner to define our targets, measure our progress and improve our performance.

And we’ve launched a brand new sustainability program, “Buy a Bot, Plant a Tree”, that enables our partners and customers to contribute and share in our sustainability journey, so that we can all achieve even greater heights together.

How does it work?

For every new customer or partner who signs up to a beanie bot subscription for their accounting practice, we buy sustainability impact and support one of several incredible projects available from Ecologi Zero. This is also available as a reward for all referrals through our “beanie bot referral program”, so when a partner refers a new accounting practice to us, there’s a sustainability double-whammy!

There’s plenty of sustainable impact options to choose from that support both carbon avoidance and removal, such as planting trees, wildflower meadows and community projects.

We hope that this new initiative starts to make a really significant sustainability impact as our business continues to grows and scale and that we can support even more deserving projects with our customers and partners in the future, but for now, we’re proud to be truly making work better for people, profit and planet!

If you’re a bookkeeping or accounting practice and want to find out more, join our community today.