Why Bots?

What exactly are Bots? Put simply, they’re a smart piece of software that does a specific task on a computer or app, such as sending emails, uploading data or performing calculations. Bots are fast, 100% accurate – and redefining the future of work. And have we mentioned that every single one of our Bots can handle the same workload as three or four people?

Making work better for everyone – for people, profit and planet

Our vision is a Bot to support every employee. We want to liberate your workforce, one manual task at a time, through smart automation, so they’re free to focus on the bigger, better thing

Our mission: redefining work

We’re here to:

Find the right Bots for your manual tasks, ready-made or custom and support you in making sure it all works as it should


Reduces cost, runs efficiently, meets regulatory obligations, scales with resilience and a competitive edge

So your PEOPLE:

Work productively, add value, with the time and freedom to be creative and content in their work for longer


Can rely on fast, accurate and seamless interactions for an exceptional experience and service

Bots and Sustainability

It’s not just about making your life easier. Automating existing manual tasks can help reduce the carbon footprint of your employees and your business too:

• Reducing the need to replace or repair existing systems and applications
• Bots don’t need physical office space or even home office space
• Bots don’t need to travel to or from work (we build and run bots remotely)
• Bots don’t need heat, light, food or drink and don’t need to buy clothes, or anything at all

The average carbon footprint per person in the UK per year is 12.7 tonnes CO2e. A Bot can work 24/7, 365 days a year, and at least 90% faster than a person, so can produce roughly the same work output of the equivalent of four people. That translates to a saving of 50.8 tonnes CO2e… which makes Bots pretty green. (Source: EDGAR)

One of our three-year goals is to achieve a net neutral carbon footprint. We’re striving to balance economic, environmental and social progress, ensure equal opportunity and work towards for a better life for all, without compromising the planet.

How we’re different

We’re proud to stand out from the rest in four key ways:


We've hit the sweet spot between enterprise & DIY, with the most powerful & intelligent Bots available


Bots-as-a-Service Recipes for common tasks, and Bespoke Bots for any purpose, fully managed


No set-up fees, pay for what you use with simple, scalable, monthly plans, moving up or down as needed


We make Bots straightforward with no complex integration, you’ll find our Bots ready to go and simple to use