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Attracting and Retaining Talent in your practice

The accounting industry is going though a major shift in the expectations and aspirations of emerging talents. the new generation of workforce is placing a big importance not only on a workplace that aligns with their skill sets and career aspirations, but also their values and the work culture.

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How has Accountancy changed over the last two decades?

Overall, when many now are looking forward two decades, the outlook isn’t always a positive one. There are many who feel that technology will advance to the point where the role of a bookkeeper or accountant could be replaced by automation and AI. But if Xero’s 2023 industry report is anything to go by, the reality could be quite the opposite, with an average 31% increase in client base over the past year, with 73% of practices reporting an increase in revenue. It looks like technology could pave the way to boosting practice revenue, increasing client satisfaction, improving practice efficiency but the goal may be to develop new and improved ways of working!

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